Yesterdays meals

I’m not sure if I alre­a­dy have lost some weight… Befo­re star­ting this new diet, I weighed myself in the eve­ning befo­re going to bed, and today I swit­ched to weighing and mea­su­ring my waist in the mor­nings ins­te­ad. I’ve lost 1,4 kg so far, but I’ll wait til after tomor­rows measuring/weighing befo­re celeb­ra­ting 🙂

Yes­ter­day I ate:

  • Bre­ak­fast: Bacon and eggs.
  • Lunch: Tuna mix (mix tin­ned tuna with boi­led, chop­ped eggs, add some cream chee­se, pars­ley and lemon juice – deli­cious toget­her with a sal­lad, or may­be a baked pota­to).
  • Between meals: Cot­tage chee­se with app­le and cin­na­mon.
  • Din­ner: Chic­ken filet wih lime and gar­lic.

New diet

Yes­ter­day I star­ted a new diet. It’s a low GI diet, which dif­fers qui­te a lot from what the Weight Wat­chers teach.

I’m cur­rent­ly in pha­se 1, which means I eat a mini­mum of car­bo­hyd­ra­tes, and a lot of pro­te­in, let­tu­ce, cucum­ber, toma­to­es (and stuff), and fat (but­ter and oli­ve oil, I am to avo­id all kinds of mar­ga­ri­ne). With my cur­rent waist cur­cum­fe­rence and weight, I am sup­po­sed to eat the following today:

  • Pro­te­i­ne: 264g
  • Fat: 102g
  • Car­bo­hyd­ra­tes: 42g
  • Fibers: 15g

Todays bre­ak­fast was very unu­su­al for a Swe­de – bacon, scram­bled eggs, fri­ed mus­hrooms, and ruco­la. I used up all the toma­to­es I had yes­ter­day when making Rata­touil­le, so I could­n’t add a fri­ed toma­to to my bre­ak­fast.

I’m sup­po­sed to notice a dif­fe­rence very soon, and alre­a­dy my waist is 5 cm smal­ler (however, it might be becau­se vari­a­tions of mea­su­ring, I don’t know… I’ll sup­po­sed to mea­su­re and weigh myself eve­ry day.

One good thing though with this diet is that I sin­ce star­ting it haven’t been hung­ry (except for this mor­ning – fri­ed bacon smells fan­tastic).