Task Scheduler does not run scheduled jobs

Yes­ter­day I wad try­ing to figu­re out why Fore­front Secu­ri­ty had stop­ped upda­ting the engi­nes auto­ma­ti­cal­ly. Manu­al­ly upda­ting the engi­nes worked fine, but having to log in to the ser­ver each and eve­ry day to manu­al­ly upda­te the engi­nes is unac­cep­tab­le.

So after goog­ling I found out that it might have somet­hing to do with the task sche­du­ler in Win­dows. And after chec­king the sche­du­led tasks, I found out that none of them had run sin­ce March.

The log file said ”The attempt to retri­e­ve account infor­ma­tion for the spe­ci­fi­ed task fai­led; the­re­fo­re, the task did not run. Eit­her an error occur­red, or no account infor­ma­tion existed for the task.” with a spe­ci­fic error of 0x8007000d. Wierd. I found a page that sug­ges­ted restar­ting the ser­ver, which did­n’t sol­ve my pro­blems.

I final­ly found a solu­tion! It appe­ars that it had somet­hing to do with the Volu­me Sha­dow Copy ser­vice and that I had demo­ted the ser­ver a couple of weeks ago (pro­bably at the same time the sche­du­led jobs stop­ped wor­king.

Now eve­ryt­hing runs as expec­ted.