New camera

Yes­ter­day my new came­ra final­ly arri­ved! The deli­ve­ry took a couple of weeks, becau­se the lens i want is on back order from Nik­kor. So I deci­ded to order a smal­ler lens so I could get the came­ra and start using it as soon as pos­sib­le.

The new came­ra is a Nikon D80. A col­le­a­gue of mine has the Nikon D200, and he is very satis­fi­ed with it, so after rea­ding a couple of revi­ews onli­ne i final­ly deci­ded to order the smal­ler ver­sion of the D200, the D80. I haven’t had the time to test it yet (more than occa­sio­nal indo­or pho­tos), but tomor­row I’m going to the recre­a­tio­nal area Bull­tof­ta to try to take some nice pho­tos.

The lens I use right now i a Nik­kor AF‑S DX 18 – 55mm f/3.5 – 5.6G, and so far I like it (though I haven’t real­ly had the oppor­tu­ni­ty to test it). It only pro­vi­des a 3x zoom capa­bi­li­ty, but it’s fine for basic needs, at least for me.

The lens I ori­gi­nal­ly wan­ted and am still wai­ting for, is a Nik­kor AF‑S DX VR 18 – 200mm f/3.5 – 5.6G, with which you can zoom up to 11.1x. It also has enhan­ced vib­ra­tion reduc­tion, so hope­ful­ly I won’t ruin as many pho­tos during low-light sce­nes as with the other came­ras 🙂

The only things missing now (part from the big­ger lens) is a sui­tab­le came­ra bag (may­be I can use my old bag?), and per­haps a few fil­ters.

New pho­tos will be uplo­a­ded to my flickr account.