New computer

Yes­ter­day my new com­pu­ter arri­ved — in parts. After assembling it, I began instal­ling Win­dows XP and other pro­grams I use on a daily basis.

I did­n’t rea­li­se how fast it was until I instal­led Visu­al Stu­dio 2005 and MSDN Lib­ra­ry. On my old com­pu­ter and my com­pu­ter at work the instal­la­tion pro­cess took what see­med like seve­ral hours. Not so on my new com­pu­ter. 10 minu­tes after clic­king setup.exe I had mana­ged to install both VS 2005 and the latest MSDN Lib­ra­ry.

2 svar på ”New computer”

  1. What spec is it? I’ve recent­ly done the same… got an AMD4.2 with 2G ram and a GTX7900 .5G grap­hics. Pret­ty fast. Need to save up for a 2nd moni­tor now though.

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