Chilly spring

Spring final­ly came to Mal­mö. So yes­ter­day mor­ning I deci­ded to ”sum­me­ri­ze” my clot­hes, wea­ring some of the clot­hes I bought in Austra­lia a few mont­hs ago. The clot­hes I cho­se were a short sle­e­ved shirt, and half-long shorts (going down below my kne­es). Unfor­tu­na­tely, it tur­ned out to be qui­te a cold mor­ning, only 8°C. Shi­ve­ring I star­ted wal­king towards work. After 100 meters or so I figu­red that if I wal­ked fast enough, I would­n’t feel so cold. I think I’ve never been at work fas­ter than yes­ter­day (part from going by car or bus).

Need­less to say, I will be wea­ring a jac­ket and pants ins­te­ad of shorts today, sin­ce it’s cur­rent­ly 9°C and rai­ning.

And this is mid-May…