Parking the car

It only took me 45 minu­tes of aim­less driving around the neigh­bour­hood to find a pla­ce to park my car tonight!

What do you think about that, envi­ron­men­ta­lists?

The lack of free par­king spa­ce whe­re I live is star­ting to annoy me… May­be it’s time to find myself a new apart­ment, and make sure I have a pri­va­te garage for my car… That way I would save a lot of time after using my car, and I would also save some money on my car insu­ran­ce. I guess I’ll have to add that cri­te­ria to my list of requi­re­ments for my new apart­ment.

Ett svar på ”Parking the car”

as a car owner I know I would’nt live in a pla­ce whe­re I could­n’t garage it — for the exact rea­son that you have given. Also… big hail­sto­nes trash cars over here

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