So yes­ter­day I bought myself a cof­fee grin­der as a Christ­mas pre­sent. I’ve been spe­a­king with a cli­ent of mine lately about cof­fee. He’s a real cof­fee buff, and seems to know eve­ryt­hing the­re is to know about cof­fe beans, which ones to buy, how to mix vari­ous kinds, roast and grind, and how best to make deli­cious espres­so from your own cof­fee blend.

I also went to buy some cof­fee from the only sto­re I know of in Mal­mö that sells cof­fee beans. Last time I was the­re, the sel­ler knew abso­lu­tely not­hing about anyt­hing they sold. I guess he was a temp hired so they would be able to hand­le the Christ­mas rush last year.

This year, however, was a bit dif­fe­rent. The guy stan­ding behind the coun­ter this time, Niels (one of the owners), see­med to know a lot about the pro­ducts they have (or at least cof­fee). I wan­ted a cof­fe with less bit­ter­ness than usu­al, so he recom­men­ded this years Christ­mas cof­fee, which had been sto­red 7 years. The long sto­rage appa­rent­ly makes the cof­fee less bit­ter.

Today I used the cof­fee grin­der for the first time, and I have to say that it was a very good cof­fee. Eit­her fres­hly ground cof­fee tas­tes much bet­ter than ordi­na­ry cof­fee, or this was a very good cof­fee I bought… It might also be a com­bi­na­tion of the two. Eit­her way, I’m real­ly glad I bought the grin­der. Now I just have to get myself an espres­so machi­ne so I can make real cof­fee…